Simon Risi

*1991 in Switzerland, lives and works in Zürich CH


2019 - 2020 MA Fine Arts, LUCA School of Arts, Brussels
2015 - 2018 BA Art and Media, specialization Installation, Zurich University of the Arts, Zurich
2013 - 2015 BA Architecture, Bern University of Applied Sciences, Burgdorf

Durchschnittsfarben aller Kunstgalerien-Webseiten dieser Welt (Ausgabe auf sternförmig angeordneten Druckern der Marke Xerox), 2024, "Ein ganz normaler Tag" at Unanimous Consent, Zürich, Xerox printers, script
Future Perfect, 2024, "Ein ganz normaler Tag" at Unanimous Consent, Zürich, Aluminium 20pcs 80x60cm, UV print
simply sleepy or 9.8 m sequence of associations, 2023, "verstehen" at Helmhaus, Zürich, 3 speed measurement systems - galvanised steel, light barriers, TV, Raspberry P4, variable mass
Reorganization of the alphabetical order according to ABC2Ginio1n5, 2023, "werk und atelierstipendien zürich" at Helmhaus, Script
RISANE, 2022, "vision and mission statement" at Toxi, Zürich, implementation company creation
Abtausch der die das, 2022, "vision and mission statement" at Toxi, Zürich, Tennis ball machine, steel, Dibond, tennis balls coloured orange, dimensions 50x50x220cm
ggf. (gegebenenfalls), 2021, Solid wood on steel with linear motor, 295 × 200 × 78cm, 3 pieces
i always carry my tool belt with me, 2019, porcelain, Dimensionen Variabel
Blütenzeitraubend, 2018, Diploma exhibition Zürucher University of the Arts, Programme to reduce the speed of the passenger lift, 17kB
Sturzteilnahme, 2018, Stadtgalerie Bern, Facing formwork of Pavatex panels (8.3m × 4.12m) on wooden battens
Neigungsgang, 2018, Woodpanel 7m × 2.5m on steel frames with two steel bases
Mathematischer Moment, 2017—2018, Inkjet print framed, 60 × 90cm, series of 5, Zurich
ohne Titel, 2017-2018, Khôra, Zurich, series of six evenings, dispersion paints - yellow/blue/green/purple/red/orange

Exhibitions selection (solo marked with *):


  • Unanimous Consent, Ein ganz normaler Tag, Zurich
    Hamlet and 2bbh, Long Distance, Zürich

Helmhaus, verstehen, Zurich
Kunsthaus Zürich, Schwellenangst, Zürich
Helmhaus, Werk- und Auslandsstipendium Stadt Zürich
doc 18, Art and Tec, Zurich

Unanimous Consent, dä 13. / Holiday Bonus, Oerlikon
always, tense release stretch, Mechelen (BE)
*Toxi Space, Vision and mission statement, Zurich
On Curatin Space, Invisible Matters, Zurich
Pageys, The Thrill Of Collecting, Brussels (BE)
Perle, architecture and disjunction, Berlin (DE)
La Vallee, In(En)Acting Roles, Brussels (BE)

Helmhaus, Werk- und Auslandatelier-Stipendien 2021, Zurich
Buero des Ogres, Undomesticated Feelings, Gent (BE)
8track, Chain Suitcase Brussels Show, Brussels (BE)
ICA, P/////ACT, Milano (IT)

unanimous consent, true grid irl, Oerlikon
Terrarium, Evidence of Grace, Brussels (BE)
-2 Space, Grimm, Brussels (BE)
A Barbarian in Antwerpen, The Nutshell, Antwerpen (BE)

Grotto, To Grotto, Brussels (BE)
Gepäcksausgabe, Blind Date, Glarus
V01trine AR, SKULPAKUU II, Brussels (BE)
Former Project Space, Former, Brussels (BE)

*Khôra, Ohne Titel, Zurich
ZHdK, BA - Diplomausstellung, Zurich
Spieglerey, Zigarettenverpackung, Zurich
Hamlet, Housewarming, Oerlikon


2023 Werkstipendium der Stadt Zürich, Auszeichnung für das Projekt ABC2Ginio1n5, Zürich
2022 Federal Office of Culture - Cultural Fund 2022
2022 - 2027 Residency, Rote Fabrik with Kevin Aeschbacher and A_O_S_A_A
2022 Corona Working Scholarships City of Zurich
2021 Boghossian Foundation Prize Brussels (BE)
2021 Work Scholarship of the City of Zurich, award for the project ggf., Zurich
2021 - 2022 Residency, What's next Studio_2021/22, ZHdK, Zurich
2018 ZHdK Bachelor Sponsorship Award, Blütenzeitraubend, Zurich

Publications and Press

2023 Podcast: #5 - Hopeful Innovation: How the Arts Help Shape Progress by Eva Pauline Bossow and Jörg Scheller
2021 Radio Sint-Luca - Interview Boghossian Foundation Prize Brussels

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