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Simon Risi, RISANE, 2022, "vision and mission statement" at Toxi, Zürich, implementation company creation

Flyer – Toxi Space. Exhibition: Vision and mission statement.
Excerpt from the powerpoint presentation of the kick-off performance at Toxi Space.

The aim of the work is to promote an institutional culture that is equally fair,
transparent, as well as ecologically and economically sustainable.
The label, which is based on the ISO 9001 standard for quality management, thus serves as an indicator (orientation aid) and a benchmark for artists and other professionals working in the environment of institutions and galleries, but also as a unique selling point for the institutions and galleries themselves (branding and market positioning). RISANE regulates the process in the institutions' back office and therefore creates more time for the art itself. RISANE does not intervene in the actual curation.

© Nico Sebastian Meyer

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